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Custom Sublimation Print (fabrics and cup wraps) No minimum Upload your file

Custom Sublimation Print (fabrics and cup wraps) No minimum Upload your file

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Build your own Gang Sheet

Custom sublimation prints

upload your file and set the dimensions needed in the sheet editor. You may fit multiple images on a sheet as needed. We will print the sheet as is, so be sure to double check for overlapping images, correct sizing, adequate dpi, images outside the workspace borders, etc before submitting

 We recommend 300dpi resolution. You do not have to mirror, we will mirror for you (software does so automatically so if you send mirrored it’ll end up wrong ways in the print).

Sublimation instructions


If you are new to sublimation please familiarize yourself with the process and application to achieve your desired results. Make sure to practice first.

For application on 50% polyester or higher materials (these DO NOT work on 100% cotton!) 100% white polyester will produce the best color results. You can use shirts that are light in color like: lt gray, tan, pastels, but know your colors will be faded. 50% poly will achieve a more faded vintage look and will lose some color in it's first wash. Do not wash inside out or the lost color may get trapped inside the shirt and stain.

1.Set your heat press to 375-400 degrees. If you find your white shirts yellow at 400, lower your temp. You can rinse in peroxide water mix to help remove any yellowing as well.

Time: 45-60 seconds

Pressure: Medium

2.Place sheets of white copy paper or parchment paper inside your shirt to prevent bleed through.

3.Position your transfer face down (use heat tape if desired) and cover with White copy paper or parchment (not wax paper, un-coated un-dyed parchment paper)

The dye turns into a gas when heated, and is absorbed into the shirt. It can also transfer to and stain the top of your press and the inside/back of your shirt if you do not use the blow out paper inside the shirt and on top of the print.

4.Press 45-60 seconds on med pressure

5.Remove transfer immediately. Don't let the print sit there, and Do not try to close and repress, the print will always shift slightly when you lift the lid and cause a ghosting/double print effect if it's not removed immediately

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