Dream printz – Puttin on the Printz
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Dream printz

Dream Printz/ DTF 

Printed to order - 3 biz day tat

Dream Printz are a transfer type made using direct to garment printers/inks (real textile inks) which are applied to a clear transfer film. They have a white underbase so they can go on dark colors, and the adhesive to apply them works on full cotton and cotton/poly blended fabrics, like Plastisol screen print transfers. This makes them a very versatile print type that works on many different shirt options. They are very light weight with a soft feel, softer than low heat plastisol screen printz and comparable to high heat soft feel plastisol screen printz. 

The big plus side to dream printz is the color vibrancy, because they are digitally printed in rgb color profiles, they keep the colors very true to the design. Color accuracy can be a problem for screen prints because of the limits of CMYK color mixing, so this is a big bonus for dream printz.

Another up side to them is the printing process requires a lot less set up that screen printz, which allows them to be produced in small batches, even singles, without a huge setup investment in time and materials like screen printz require. 

Dream printz are very easy to apply. Follow the instructions below

Always pre press your shirt for 5 seconds to remove any moisture (this should be done with any kind of shirt transfer application)

Press at 305-320 degrees for 8 seconds High pressure

Set aside to cool for a moment. When cool to the touch, peel the clear transfer paper

Press again at 305-320 degrees for 8 seconds, with a parchment paper or teflon sheet covering the design for protection (you don' have to cool again before removing the covering on the repress)