Collection: Custom Apparel printz (DTF, Sublimation, Screen print)

Files will be printed as is. If any adjustments are needed, IE size, color, etc, you must indicate them in the notes.

Choosing a 12" sheet does not mean the image will print at 12", it means up to 12", you must specify the exact size, or longest side up to 12" and we'll scale proportionally, or the upload will be printed at the size it was received (up to a max of the sheet size selected)

IE if you choose a 12" sheet and upload an 11" image, with no note to change the size, we will print it 11". If you upload a 22" image with no note, we will scale down to the max 12" and print it 12". If you want it 10", put 10" in the notes and we will make the longest side 10" and the smaller size will scale proportionally.

For questions please email or message our facebook group