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Puttin on the Printz

Custom dream Printz - single image up to 14" - any colors - no minimum

Custom dream Printz - single image up to 14" - any colors - no minimum

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Multiple image gang sheets can be ordered via the gang sheet product listings, you can use our gang builder tool or upload your own gang sheets (sheet sizes from 11.5x12 up to 22x120). This listing is for single image sheets

Read entire description thoroughly! 

Upload your image and select the sheet size you want it printed. If not already sized, we will resize it to best fit the sheet size you order, using the longest side of the image proportionally scaled to fit. If you need it a size that’s in between sheet size options, please leave a note for what size you want.

Dream Printz apply on any fabric and color

Production time for custom dream printz is 4 biz days to be ready to ship

choosing a faster shipping method only affects the ship time in transit and not the production time. Contact by email at if rush production is needed to confirm availability 

Volume discounts will apply to a cumulative quantity of all single sheets ordered, they do not have to be the same size sheets. Gang sheets do not count towards the total for this, they have their own volume discount

Add each image separately to the cart with the quantity needed for that image/size 

DO NOT MIRROR, design will be printed exactly as file is received, if we receive it mirrored it will be printed backwards

Art must be high resolution (300DPI) and transparent (no background) and will be printed in the size set in the upload tool. There is a notes field to add special instructions on the product page if needed. Designs must be fully opaque and cannot have semi-transparent/glow parts in the design. All line widths must be 6pts minimum. We are not responsible for poor print results if images do not have adequate resolution, line thickness, opacity, etc. 

If your image has a background you need removed, you can request it in the notes and  we will attempt to remove it but cannot guarantee clean removal or that we won't remove white you may have wanted left in the design if you do not provide clear instructions for what to remove. You can try the background remover tool in the upload tool but it can remove parts you don't want removed as well, and manual removal may be more clean if so. Extensive editing needs may require additional editing fees.

Email us any questions


Dream Printz/ DTF Application Instructions

Dream Printz are a transfer type made using direct to garment printers/inks (real textile inks) which are applied to a clear transfer film. They have a white underbase so they can go on dark colors, and the adhesive to apply them works on full cotton and cotton/poly blended fabrics, like Plastisol screen print transfers. This makes them a very versatile print type that works on many different shirt options. They are very light weight with a soft feel, softer than low heat plastisol screen printz and comparable to high heat soft feel plastisol screen printz. 

The big plus side to dream printz is the color vibrancy, because they are digitally printed in rgb color profiles, they keep the colors very true to the design. Color accuracy can be a problem for screen prints because of the limits of CMYK color mixing, so this is a big bonus for dream printz.

Another up side to them is the printing process requires a lot less set up that screen printz, which allows them to be produced in small batches, even singles, without a huge setup investment in time and materials like screen printz require. 

Dream printz are very easy to apply.

Always pre press your shirt for 5 seconds to remove any moisture (this should be done with any kind of shirt transfer application)

Cover with copy paper or parchment paper to avoid static cling when the press opens pulling the adhesive up while too hot..

Press at 290-305 degrees for 8 seconds Med pressure

Set aside to cool for a moment. When cool to the touch, peel the clear transfer paper

Press again at 290-305 degrees for 8 seconds, with a parchment paper or teflon sheet covering the design for protection (you don't have to cool again before removing the covering on the repress)

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